Le projet 100 Notions

The project 100 notion is a concept brought by different actors: companies, institutions and scientists.

Publishers :

  • Centre Mobius International is the French publisher of the 100 notions collection through “Les Editions de l’Immatériel”. The Center is publishing the web platform www.100notions.com for all available languages.
  • People’s Education Press is the Chinese publisher of the 100 notions collection. People’s Education Press is the Publishing House of the Ministry of Education of People’s Republic of China; they are specialized in education textbooks.

Partner institutions :

  • The Foundation Maison des Sciences de l’Homme is a French institution of public interest within French Ministery of Higher Education and Research. The Foundation plays an important role in the support and dissemination of humanities and social sciences in an international framework to promote multilateral cooperation.
  • The Leden Program of the Maison des Sciences de l’Homme Paris-Nord is directed by Professor Ghislaine Azémard, author of the first book of the 100 notions collection (“100notions for crossmedia”). This research program is specialized in new uses of digital and e-mediations (cultural, scientific, educational and territorial)

Distribution :

  • In France, the distribution is carried out by the Comptoir des Presses d’universités ( http://www.lcdpu.fr/ ). The book is available in bookshops (general and specialized social sciences) and Amazon.
  • In China the distribution is directly done by the Publisher: People’s Education Press.
  • Potential partners willing to collaborate on a version in another language and/or the distribution of the collection in other countries can send an email to partner@100notions.com